Wide Network Solutions


Wide Network Solutions is a leading global provider of networking and broadcasting services. WNS has always been about building successful relationships between our clients, affiliates, regulators and agencies through transparency, quality and delivering a high level of service. With operation centres in Europe and regional representatives in North America, Middle East and Asia, Wide Network Solutions is able to provide around the clock broadcast services to its clients anywhere in the world. Wide Network Solutions is at the forefront of VOD, IPTV, Streaming and DVB services.
  • Satellite Downlink
  • Maritime Services
  • Uplink Services
  • Vo-IP Services
  • Turnaround Services
  • Fiber Optic Transmission
  • Transmission Delay
  • Webcasting Services
  • Satellite Monitoring Services
  • Satellite Engineering
  • Operations Room
  • MCPC Platforms
  • SNG & Fly Away Services