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Satellite Uplink Services

Wide Network Solutions can be your sole source for satellite uplink needs. Through a network of strategically located teleports around the globe, WNS can uplink your content in C, KU and KA band to all continents.

We have decades of experience of working with major broadcasters as well as start-up channels.

We use state of the art technology and provide 24/7 support from technical teams to deliver uninterrupted transmission and monitoring.

Selecting the right satellite for your channel is a vital element in your commercial success. At WNS we will guide you on how to choose the right platform and expand your coverage into new markets.

Telecommunications Needs

WNS’s Anywhere Services use leading-edge microwave wireless technology for the “last-mile” link. This technology, along with satellite uplink services from WNS’s uplink facilities and worldwide access to the international internet backbone, makes long-term or temporary telecommunications services possible anywhere they are needed. Services include WANs, internet access, intranets, and ISDN Connections.

Enterprise Needs

Communicating around the globe poses a variety of challenges for companies, enterprises, and government agencies that require broadband communications. To uplink reliably, you must pick the right satellite uplink services, uplink facilities, and satellite uplink equipment, and getting the signal to the end user requires downlink expertise. WNS’s combination of IP and satellite communications engineering, and its full range of satellite and terrestrial services enable it to package “anywhere, anytime” end-to-end solutions.

ISP Needs

Internet Service Providers must deliver fast, reliable service to stay competitive. Customers do not want uplink and downlink problems, and ISPs that cannot combine high-bandwidth with reliability are falling by the wayside.

Access Plus solutions from WNS are designed with ISP needs in mind. These satellite-based solutions include satellite uplink services and downlink services. In addition to high-bandwidth connections, these solutions deliver premium connectivity to the end-users, along with satellite and Internet monitoring. You will usually find locally available installation and maintenance teams for these communications solutions.

Because of their many advantages, Access Plus solutions are also useful for carriers, universities, and government and corporate networks. Services are available for single or multiple locations.

Emergency Communication Needs

Emergency Response Organisations are often caught between signing up for long-term fixed bandwidth leases for satellite uplink services and downlink services, or deploying Imarsat B or M-4 systems and paying for their usage by the minute. Either way, costs can run as out of control as the disaster that necessitated the use of recovery services. During recovery, your response organisation has unpredictable needs for bandwidth, satellite uplink services, and satellite uplink equipment.


Searching for reliable satellite uplink services, satellite uplink equipment, uplink facilities, uplink and downlink services, and other satellite communication needs does not have to drain your budget or patience. It makes sense to go with a leader among satellite uplink companies. Wide Network Solutions, is your one, reliable source for satellite engineering, systems, and services.

Contact us to see how we can provide satellite uplink services and a complete, customised solution for your satellite communication needs.

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