Wide Network Solutions
  • Posted 23rd February 2018

Vodafone, Liberty Global Reopen Talks

During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain last month, Vittorio Colao, who is the CEO of Vodafone, described Liberty Global as “an interesting and attractive combination that will give Vodafone the edge to challenge other telecommunication companies across Europe”. Less than a month after this bold statement, Vodafone officially announced that it is in […]
  • Posted 18th February 2018

Cube-Sat solved 60 years old Space Radiation Mystery

It’s next to revolution that 65 student’s group solved six decades old, space radiation mystery, in which many scientists and researchers are interested. Our Galaxy is filled with cosmic-ray particles. Around the Earth, trapped energetic protons, electrons and other particles continuous circulate in the Van Allen radiation belts. Before six decades ago, it was recognized […]
  • Posted 14th February 2018

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way of Satellite Communication

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence becomes the leading phenomena in automation. If we talk about satellite communication, then we know that it’s a big deal to manage satellite every time, because the defence, data, and information are carried by satellite and, that is the major vulnerable thing in the world. Anytime, an attack can happen, whether on […]
  • Posted 12th February 2018

WNS announces technology partnership with ATN Media Group

Dubai, 12 February 2018 – Wide Network Solutions (WNS) today announced a new partnership with ATN Media Group to bring Persian TV channels to the ATN’s IPTV platform. Set to target Persian speaking viewers in Europe and North America, the deal is believed to massively boost both viewership and subscriptions. ATN Media Group will leverage its […]
  • Posted 11th February 2018

The Super Bowl Broadcast Challenge: OTT vs DTH

Sunday’s 52nd Super Bowl was a magnificent affair, covered in extreme detail by an impressive array of cameras, pundits, half-time entertainment (albeit with poor audio) and all the razzmatazz of an incredibly high-profile sporting event. But for millions ‘watching’ via OTT, and in particular those viewing via a Hulu or PlayStation Vue system, there were […]
  • Posted 14th August 2016

America is cutting the cord

The number of people that have either cut the cords and dumped their cable television subscriptions or never ordered in the first place is steadily rising, now exceeding one in five U.S. households, according to a new report. More than 1.1 million households cut the cord last year, with about the same number expected to […]
  • Posted 14th April 2016

Two Adjacent Orbits, One Emerging Market

When it comes to the Arab satellite market,  7° and 8° West are the places to be. As part of our commitment to expand our services in the MENA region, WNS now offers DTH broadcast services on Eutelsat 8° West. Eutelsat 7/8° West neighbourhood: first choice for multi-channel viewing Eutelsat’s 7/8° West neighbourhood has further anchored its leading […]
  • Posted 25th August 2014

Galileo satellites go into wrong, lower orbit

BBC News- The European Space Agency (Esa) says the latest two satellites for Europe’s version of the American GPS satellite navigation system have not gone into the correct orbit. However, it says the fifth and sixth satellites launched from French Guiana on Friday are under control. The agency is examining the implications of the anomaly. The […]
  • Posted 29th October 2010


EUTELSAT STATEMENT ON LOSS OF W3B SATELLITE Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL) announces the loss of the W3B satellite following an anomaly which was detected on the satellite’s propulsion subsystem after its launch by an Ariane 5rocket. W3B was scheduled to be located at 16° East to replace Eutelsat’s EUROBIRD™ 16, W2M and SESAT 1 […]